a little list of bbs scripts

if you have any scripts you know about that aren't listed here, please email weitzeug@gmail.com with details about it

I am maintaining an archive at /pub/software/TrueScript/ and a git mirror here

hey! I'm writing a new version of overscript, you can see the "beta"too lazy atm here!

Name Language Version Author Download Comment
Kareha Perl 3.1.14 !WAHa_06x36 here favourite script
SchemeBBS MIT Scheme b013b246 Ben Bitdiddle here very new, might be unstable
RAL PHP 1bc8179 Yumi here gazou-style, anonymity-focussed
nntpchan Go 0.4.0 majestrate here uses NNTP to decentralise hosting
LynxChan nodejs 1.6.2 Stephen Lynx here JSON-RPC interface!
Phutaba Perl f0356b9 Ernstchan here lots of small new features
maniwani Python 52ca059 Kermit Alexander II here Experimental BBS with modern ideologies.
Yamada IB PHP n/a Yamada n/a n/a
werchan Plan 9 rc 1.5 Kyle Farwell here the chan fell off
NodeChan Java 0.7.5 Joshua Moore here ambitious attempt at p2p which does not use the DHT
negoto Ur 05d87bb steenuil here runs as an executable
Infinity Next PHP n/a "josh" here 8ch.net in-house IB
emanon Perl 727486f oprel here modern extensions to Tablecat
Satoko PHP 5aca872 flashwave here work in progress
Monaba Haskell 5d44e8d ahushh here lots of modern features
vichan PHP 5.1.0 czaks here vroom vroom caching
meguca Go 2.3.0 bakape here where do we go from here?
BlazeChan PHP 54a941f mission712 here WIP, looks dead
wakarimasen Python rev 444 k-anon here wakaba-compatible, low memory usage, extended admin panel
Wakaba Perl 3.0.8 !WAHa_06x36 here sql-only
Kusaba PHP 0.9.2 tslocum here HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Glaukaba Perl 0.125 marlencrabapple here wakaba fork with a lot of new changes
Mitsuba PHP rev 762 Desuneko here made from scratch, has a module system
Futallaby PHP 040103 Futaba Channel here DEAD
Futaba PHP 311005 Futaba Channel here historical
µchan Python n/a Floens here Focus on separation of concerns.
livechan node.js n/a emgram769 here self-styled "IRC-like imageboard"
Doushio node.js rev 1.465 Lal'C here uses Redis as a datastore
FoolFuuka PHP 0.730 woxxy here made for archiving *boards, very fast
Macro Perl 0.5.1 mr[vile] here one of my scripts
Drydock PHP r211 drydock here haven't tested it in years
iyagi Python 4b4e080 sabitsuki here new clone of tablecat's backend
Hanako node.js 1.0.0 Vladimir37 here strong focus on scalability
img2 PHP 061610 Gareth Smith here untested
Regular Board PHP 9528cce Matthew Trevino here channel-style filtering, forum-like layout
Shiichan PHP 3960 Shii here use Kareha instead
gibson node.js 1.30 thewiz here emulates pre-internet BBSen with a JS console
TinyBB Perl ??? hotaru2k3 here there is TinyBB & TinyBBv3
Tablecat Perl 240411 ``maiko'' here VIP
Siokara PHP 1.04a ??? n/a? not updated since 2004
PyIB Python r66 tslocum here written by an autist
Cynthia PHP 02e1 ??? here japanese
Yotsubanome PHP who cares sparky4+4 don't written by a retard
TinyIB PHP ??? tj9991 here never seen it being used
Joyful Note PHP 2.73 kent-web here japanese, untested
Ochiba PHP 1.2.1 ochiba here special hybrid-script
4chandk PHP 240207 bottiger here appears to be dead.
Pixmicat PHP 6 various here taiwanese script based on japanese source
0ch 4.xx ??? here untested
GazouBBS PHP ??? ??? here I can't read wapanese
Gazo-CH PHP? ??? ??? n/a unknown, uncertain of existence
Yotsuba PHP? ??? team4chan index.php mirror 4chan's script
REchan PHP 080726 ??? here ???
Mikich PHP ??? SYNchan n/a SYNchan's script
Tinyboard PHP 0.9.2 savetheinternet here 4chon.net's script
Taimaba Perl ??? kirtaner n/a 420chan's script
Matsuba PHP? (git) Storlek here sovietrussia's script
C-BOARD ??? 3.8 Wajett Systems here this is actually a modded version
K-Board Perl 1.9 unknown mirror experimental features
Tackynote Perl 0.996 Tacky here untested
Mkakikomitai Perl 0.73 Tacky here japanese, emoticons and shit
Tackyvote Perl 0.95 Tacky here
Mezase2 Perl 0.58 Tacky here
Ignium PHP 170709 iignotus here untested, website is horrid
Ha Chan PHP 1.07 Federico Ramírez here not actively developed?
Orphereus Python ??? tehHedger here python, "modular"
desuchan Perl rev 168 k-anon here forked from wakaba, lots of changes
ochan Java r326 unknown here ENTERPRISE QUALITY
kotoba-ib PHP r437 airflow83 here russian
imgboard.cgi Perl 1.22 to-ru mirror quite popular in japan
minibbs Perl 10.32 CGI RESCUE here japanese
Sweetnote unknown unknown unknown unknown proprietary?
imageboard 1.21 unknown here lol
mconv Perl 1.2.7 ivarch here last updated in 2004, archaic
Saguaro PHP 0.97.5 spoot here based on futallaby
Kakaha PHP r21 luza here uses SQLite backend
himgb Haskell unknown unknown here U MENA HASKEL
backyard PHP 0.0.5 unknown here looks buggy
p2pchan python ??? tslocum here windows-only?
Thorn PHP ??? Albright n/a very, very old
Anonsaba PHP 0.1 grumpy here Anonsaba is apparently back-doored, do not use
weabot Python 0.7.2 z411 here based on PyIB with most of the Kusaba feature set
mewBBS C 4.9 Yuto Ikeno mirror very, very old
miniboard Perl 1.1 Yuto Ikeno here also very old (1997!)
arcNET PHP r32 NekoArc here used on 4chon, 314chan and mikuchan
Excelis PHP 1.6 Kazer here untested, has smilies and such
Nelliel PHP v0.9b-r5 unknown currently n/a looks to be a decent Futallaby rewrite
Naranai PHP r50 Ikimashou (?) here danbooru-type image script
NitPick PHP unknown Ere Whitehouse n/a? image-posting, unlimited thread length?
PerlHP-bbs Perl unknown hotaru2k3 here it's probably going to be better than kusaba.
Lucid Tea PHP r3 Qiming Zeng here level of completion undetermined
Shimonoseki PHP 48a7d5ca treeofsephiroth? here appears to be a bland Kusaba X rewrite (possibly insecure)
Hatoya n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Petit BBS