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In fifth grade this quiet girl got caught with a big knife in her backpack and vanished, presumably expelled.

this was pre-Columbine.
>this was pre-Columbine
>fifth grade
Go to bed grandpa is way past your bedtime.
Gym teacher got caught selling weed and coke to sophomores.
ti1w440loks11.jpg (12 KB, 300x317)File: ti1w440loks11.jpg (12 KB, 300x317) google yandex iqdb wait
12 KB
Teachers pants ripped and everyone saw her fat hairy snatch
>that openly gay kid who got caught raping the special ed kids in the bathroom
1557814235679.png (80 KB, 1876x1200)File: 1557814235679.png (80 KB, 1876x1200) google yandex iqdb wait
80 KB
I'll see you bright and early in the morning, champ
>>53714880 (OP)
Some jewish kid stole a teacher's car and fled to Mexico.
I was a major coward when I was little. Went to the bathroom in the second or third grade and a couple kids in the hanging out in the bathroom told me to leave so I went back to the classroom and pissed my pants. I continued to piss my pants in class because I was afraid to use the bathroom.
>>53714880 (OP)
A kid committed suicide. Felt bad for him but what pissed me off the most was how people were making the incident all about themselves. It's understandable to feel terrible and cry, but people who barely knew him and even made fun of him acted like they had lost a best friend and shit. The guy was a bit weird (possibly a high functioning autistic) and he didn't have many friends, but his death was exploited so that assholes could make themselves look like victims.
Stacy and chad went skydiving and hit the ground to hard.
Someone put a matress in the public pool
They get so wet and heavy that it usually take a crane to get them out
girl's basketball coach got caught diddling the freshmen
some kid shot his abusive stepdad. He says it was self defense, which I'm pretty sure is true, but he still had to go to juvie for a year. I actually ran into him awhile ago, he's a pretty cool dude desu

>red album rivers
same thing happened to my school. but the pranksters put like 10 mattresses in. all of various sizes
they even put a weighted down blanket and pillows on the queen sized one they put in the middle
06d.jpg (199 KB, 1000x847)File: 06d.jpg (199 KB, 1000x847) google yandex iqdb wait
199 KB
199 KB JPG
>They get so wet and heavy that it usually take a crane
so does ur mom lol
Two kids tried to kill themselves on separate occasions on school grounds, one was successful.
>>53714880 (OP)
Was caused by me. I vomited during picture day they had to bring a trash can while I waited for my mother
We have a class based on religions and myths and one kid kept agreeing humans aren't animals
Kid brought a knife but the dumbass told multiple people got and expelled, it was during the last four weeks
I also got caught with a knife in my bookbag, in middle school. I put it in there because some kid threatened to stab me and I actually was a little worried. Suspended for 2 weeks.

But the incident happened when I was in HS. Sophomore year this really insane kid broke into an old ladys house and stabbed her to death. That lady was the grandma of another kid at school. I wouldnt be surprised if he was a regular here kek
>>53714880 (OP)
Im not sure what incident you mean but once the captain of the wrestling team knocked out some prick that wouldn't stop fucking with one of the retarded kids
In high school one of the popular jocks from my class disrespected a nigger who was ((allegedly)) part of a gang, a few weeks later the jock got shot a few blocks away from school and died.
The nigglet who ((allegedly)) ordered the hit never got in trouble for it because nobody could prove shit and I'm from a thrid world shithole, murder cases are dime a dozen.
>>53714880 (OP)
Happened when I was in fifth grade. Some guy in the middle school brought a broken airsoft pistol to school and we had a full campus lockdown for something like 30 minutes.
1562857179526.jpg (85 KB, 680x680)File: 1562857179526.jpg (85 KB, 680x680) google yandex iqdb wait
85 KB
>be me
>hang out with outcasts and genuine autists
>friend I knew since middle school is dating nigress
>same friend gets into JROTC cult
>relationship ends
>both nigress and JROTC kid are chill with it
>nigress begins dating another kid autist group hates
>JROTC kid gets extremely pissed
>he always had anger issues
>gets amazing idea from JROTC kids to bring a knife to school to try to kill that kid
>goes up to kid during lunch with knife and about to shank him
>dean gets involved
>school on lockdown
>kid almost gets killed
>nothing comes of it
>have to waste my time talking with deans about stupid shit
>deans think autist group is some hood gang
>have to deny that multiple times till 5 PM that day
>all for a fuckin nigger who is a 2/10 at best
1. sped kid jerking off to hitler in gym class
2. teacher smashed window and threw a chair at kid while doing crack
>based autist
>based teacher
Senior year one of my friends brought a bottle of burnett's to school and drank most of it. I had him in most of my classes so I watched it all unfold and it was very funny but he got suspended and didnt get to walk the stage at graduation. And other legal stuff but I cant remember.
teacher had pics of her sucking dick leaked to the whole school
>>53714880 (OP)
There were a lot. A lot of people in my highschool died in unexpected ways. Suicides, sickness, drugs, and even murder in relatively quite and peaceful small town. Everyone knew everyone and I think all those deaths back to back to back year after year might have fucked us all up a but. I distinctly remember talking to teachers and parents and multiple people on seperate occasions all remarking on how abnormal it was. Not the tragedy of it all, but that so many deaths was just outright strange like in a statistical sense.
A sophomore tied up and raped a senior chick after school
Not my HS but a friends and was known within the county, a senior girl sent a Snapchat of her dog fucking her doggy style volume and all, in the end the girl was arrested and the dog was put down and is still somewhat talked about between the people who still know about it.
What was the purpose of killing the dog
Some DIPSHIT degenerate stacy got a little high and got T-boned on the way back to school during a lunch break. They revoked the students rights to leave campus during breaks three days later.
>the girl was arrested and the dog was put down
Bull fucking shit
I T-boned many degenerate stacies during lunch breaks back in HS. But without the T.
>that time the heavily autistic kid just said "fuck it" jacked off in class
>that time your friend got expelled for making a school shooting meme that some bitch thought was a personal threat against her
>that time your school actually got shot up and one of the people who did it was trans and there were like 5 threads up at a time on /pol/ about it for weeks after it happened
>>53714880 (OP)
zach is a sexual predator and nikki and veronica blacklist the girls he fucks pass it on
>stoner kid called in a bomb threat (no one snitched though)
>AP US Gov teacher + debate coach was exposed as a gay pedophile and went to jail
1466144036781.jpg (11 KB, 178x200)File: 1466144036781.jpg (11 KB, 178x200) google yandex iqdb wait
11 KB
>7th grade
>One of the girls in my class came to school high on weed and tried to cut her throat with safety scissors
>I was faking sick that day and missed it
giant dick pinata full of milk and condoms flung from the roof into the big courtyard where everyone was milling about
>>53714880 (OP)
I was homeschooled so probably the time the neighbor kid took his dick out and started waving it at me and my brother. I went in the house and got a kitchen knife and stuck it in the siding of the house. I was 10 or 11. I had/have anger issues. I'm better with dealing with them now. Still that kid was an asshole with a tiny dick.

Sum Twink Peaks shit, bro.
I went to a really rough high school and kids would always die from gang violence, but one in particular is when some kid got curb stomped and died during a car show.
it's nine o'clock where i live, should i go mow the lawn, just for the heck of it?
Man thats a classic meme
>>53714880 (OP)
Some sharp shooter was in the area so we had to run indoors lol
>>53714880 (OP)
>Year 10
>One guys girlfriend sucked someone else's dick while he was passed out.
>Kid went to a private school
>Fight was scheduled
>Big crowd
>It's over in 1 punch
>Private school kid that got his dick sucked loses some teeth and gets a broken jaw
>Video of the fight shows blood bursting out of his mouth from the punch
>He got expelled from the posh school, our guy didn't
>Video gets circulated forever
>>53714880 (OP)
not really "the incident" but in 9th grade we had to do a presentation on someone "notable" in history. She did Kurt Cobain and I convinced her to include his suicide photos that showed his head fucking obliterated...

She thought it was funny so she did it, and all of the stacies plus the teacher lost their shit at the fact that a dude's blown off head was being broadcast on the projector to the entire class
this was the resident goth fat girl mind you, forgot to include this
cursed boot.jpg (16 KB, 400x442)File: cursed boot.jpg (16 KB, 400x442) google yandex iqdb wait
16 KB
>>53714880 (OP)
My brother and his friends filmed multiple sketch videos on the school campus.
I think the most infamous video was called "ravioli shootout".
Basically all of him and his friends were mexicans and said nigga multiple times within the video. Had them asking a teacher in the hall of they wanted to be his mcchicken.
And had a grown as senior pretending to jerk off in one of the videos.
All pretty funny stuff.
The school staff was not to happy and some girl snitched.
He had to take the videos down unfortunately.
if there's any zoomers that you'll wake up then you definitely should.
Bunch of kids took a sketchy drug (I dont even remember what it was) and were freaking out and getting sick. A couple kids got arrested. I also took this drug but was smart enough to leave the school grounds to gather my shit, so I was the only one who escaped repercussions.
>liquid ass sprayed through main hall
>kid comes to school with a hit list and plan to shoot up school
>some faggot uses school laptop to watch hentai
a folk loreish character is the bread bishop, some fat mexican who dug through trash cans for bread, and would threaten and bargain for bread
bro zoomers are already up mowing their lawn at 7 o clock anyway
Some kid threatened to stab me once too so I brought a switchblade to school for like a month.
>hoodrat girl gets shot
>teacher caught watching porn in class
>girl kills herself via train
>one of school's star athletes od's on prescription opiates
Guns, porn, depression, addiction. A portrait of modern America
Fucking normies

Same shit happend at my school
>Lesbian teacher's wife kills herself the old fashioned way (car fumes in garage)
>Some popular kid kills himself for some reason
>Kid gets shot allegedly over a parking spot
Also there were serious rumors that this one substitute was a former pornstar, but I never saw any of her videos.
>>53714880 (OP)
In my junior year a graduating student kissed one of her teachers on the mouth after receiving her diploma. It was revealed they eloped prior to the ceremony.
Goro-Majima.jpg (64 KB, 760x428)File: Goro-Majima.jpg (64 KB, 760x428) google yandex iqdb wait
64 KB
>>53714880 (OP)
The Cafeteria Chronicles
This cafeteria basically doubles as an auditorium, so there are a ton of metal chairs in the middle of the cafeteria facing a stage, with the further two sides having lunch tables. The upper and lower classmen are segregated to each side with the middle being empty.
>middle school
>a wanna be gangbanger beaner and hood negro decide to fight in the middle of lunch at the center of the cafeteria
>principal runs his fat ass over there and slams into both of them
>the bean gets smushed on a chair and is out of the fight
>the hood nig starts hitting the principal
>principal grabs him and slams him into a chair
Both still remained at school but the nig moved away eventually
>middle school
>some new tall country bell girl moves to our school
>a tall fat nigress also moves to our school
>one day the nigress goes apeshit
>she punches out one of the windows on one of the metal doors at the cafeteria
>a plastic bag was taped around the window for the next month or two
>one day the nigress asks the country girl to go to the dance with her
>the country girl agrees out of fear
The country girl became popular eventually and the nigess seemed to have left the school
The Cafeteria Chronicles Part 2
>middle school
>be me
>this scrawny kid shows up to my lunch table and starts mocking me
>he just starts insulting me while his friends laugh
>I start roasting him in return
>I mock him for being a coward
>I mock him for being weak
>I mock him for playing tennis
>I start throwing personal insults at him, straight haymakers to the body
>eventually just start raising my voice at him
>he starts tearing up and getting red in the face
>people are starting to notice
>he scuttles over to the table he sat at
>starts throwing bags of m&ms at me
>I eat the m&ms since the bags were unopened
>he puts his head down on the table
>I sit down and go back to eating and have a laugh with my mate, sharing the spoils
>another kid walks up to my table and tells me I should apologise
>tell him to piss off and the other kid started it first
>people are just staring at the kid crying
>decide that I should go say sorry
>I walk up to the kid with his head down
>Hey I'm sorry you're crying and all but thanks for the m&ms!
>have a giggle
>the kid kicks a chair at me but it doesn't hit because another chair is in the way
>he slams his head into the table and continues crying
>teacher finally notices
>she walks over to the kid and talks to him
>she brings him over to the middle of the cafeteria
>he is in plain view of everone in the cafeteria
>there's no tables so he can't put his head down and hide his crying
>all he can do is angrily peek at me every one in a while
>every time he does I wave at him
I actually became sort of friends with this dude in high school, later on he got arrested for molesting some 13 and 15 year old girls

>I stabbed a kid in the face, back, and shoulder using an eating utencil during lunch time
I got some high school incidents too if anyone is interested
Not steroids? No wonder he was fired, no heart for the job.
post the vid mate
The year before I came to school, a guy made a Facebook page called "[female teacher] is in my wank bank". He got expelled, three other students who commented on it got suspended and a bunch of people who liked it got detentions.
>>53714880 (OP)
that time thugs started snitchin' on each other during senior year
Should have fucked her, lad.
>Rape an animal.
>Animal gets put down.
The entire world is the middle east for animals.
you're right man but I was the spergest of spergs, I didn't have even a chance with that lol
image.jpg (70 KB, 583x479)File: image.jpg (70 KB, 583x479) google yandex iqdb wait
70 KB
A lot of shit happend at my school

>that cringy autistic faggot who made a death note irl but didn't really get in trouble because muh autism
>that other autistic kid who was alpha as fuck and death note kid to kill himself and was so loud the whole school heard it
>that same kid who googled "big anime tiddies" in the lab and then proceeded to jerk off and nut all over the desk
>that five foot tall 400 lb tard girl who dated the alpha autist and went on a rampage when he broke up with her in the middle of the yard
>that kid who let a chicken loose in the cafeteria for his senior prank
>that fat kid who got his pants pulled down in gym and had a big pink butt plug on under his thong
>that extremely beta autist that killed himself senior year one mounth before graduation by jumping off the roof of a seven story building and landing on some guy and his kid
>that kid who ate dog food in a dare and got called "kibbiles & bits" all senior year
>that group of edgelords and outcasts that always got in trouble for doing extremely edgy shit (me and my friends)
>that kid who wore a hentai shirt in his senior yearbook photo (me)
>that kid who dressed up as naruto and ran like him around the school and in the hall
>that nerdy kid who beat up chad and sent him to the hospital
>that seventh grade slut that got her nudes leaked to the whole school
>that madlad who air dropped a bunch of gore and cp when the reddit kids started air dropping shitty memes (my friend)
>that massive thot that got a video of her sticking a foot long cucumber up her ass leaked in to her friend group (my friend group)

One more middle school story
>its homeroom period
>two kids were mad at each other
>they agree to fight
>they go to the restroom
>kid 1 grabs kid 2's head and slams him through a urinal
>the urinal completely shatters
>the kid 2 gets his jaw fucked up
>there were only 3 urinals
>they broke the urinal on the left side
>tfw people only used 1 urinal atter that because there's no urinal dividers and the urinals were too close
*that TOLD death note kid
>>53714880 (OP)
Girl being raped by 2 boys, who would intimidate her into following them to a shed where she was fucked daily, with no protection, for 4 months. She eventually got pregnant. Boys were sent to juvie and never bern seen since. Fucked up part was that the girl kept the child. Decision ruined her life and she's essentially a single mom trying to find a sugar daddy now.
>>53714880 (OP)
>Zach Hadel
Fuck, based
FUCK, this thread is based
>>53714880 (OP)
some of the blacks got mad that a white student was driving to school with a confederate flag on his truck

they went out into the parking lot and jumped up and down on the roof of his truck
1564608610320.jpg (30 KB, 400x396)File: 1564608610320.jpg (30 KB, 400x396) google yandex iqdb wait
30 KB
>>53714880 (OP)

>English teacher in high school, grade 10
>Always seemed a bit off, but never severely enough to raise any hairs on your neck
>I remember him as having these big round ears that protruded out like monkey ears, though he was white
>Had one of those old projects you'd hook up to a laptop which he did presentations to the kids with
>One day during a presentation, he misclicks a file on his laptop and a video depicting minors in sexual acts he had saved plays on the projector in front of all the students
>He freaks out, class freaks out, he ends up getting written up, somehow not fired for whatever insane reason I never managed to figure out
>Weeks later, his reputation shattered, he somehow keeps going on like nothing happened.
>One day, I'm walking through the hall and I hear laughing and the sound of sneakers racing on the ground behind me. Turn around and see two of my friends, ask them what's going on.
>Turns out he accidentally showed his class ANOTHER video, this time beastiality.
>Friends tell me he's been officially fired.
>Never manage to validate their story, but I also never saw him again after that.

To this day I wonder what became of him.
Flint, Mich?
>>53714880 (OP)
Elliot Rodger shot up the town. Was a weird time to be a robot.
>>53714880 (OP)
This was in a London high school

Two girls gave a guy from the year or two above a blowjob which he filmed on the top floor of the school building where we weren't supposed to go. The school found out and got the video and showed the two girls' parents the video.

One was my girlfriend for about a week in year seven too. I'd definitely fuck her now
thrax.png (191 KB, 331x327)File: thrax.png (191 KB, 331x327) google yandex iqdb wait
191 KB
191 KB PNG

Scott County?
chav hapa attacked the PE teacher with a plastic cricket bat
this was half a decade before i started attending, but nothing else really happens here
some senior did sexual stuff with his 2 year old sister
In the 6th grade (this was still elementary at my school) a kid shit his pants. For some reason, instead of saying anything he just sat in his own shit the rest of class. We all smelled it but it wasn't really noticable until we lined up to go back to "home room" and the shit was literally rolling down his leg into his socks/shoes.

His last name was Brown so you can imagine his life post shitting himself.
>>53714880 (OP)
A kid hung himself on the bleachers in High School. For a week all the girls that bullied him acted like they liked him and fake cried everyday. Everyone saw his body from the senior parking lot that morning. News casters showed up with cameras to interview people. Of course all the girls that bullied him were on camera saying they were his friend.
Autist kid got catfished by other Students and got fooled into sending a video of him sticking a deodorant can up his ass expecting nudes back
>>53714880 (OP)
it got shot up and a lot of my friends died
>>53714880 (OP)
>"What was the 'incident" at your school?"
Fucking redditfag get out of the fucking board
Imagine actually answering a r/askreddit question
a lot of shit
Stupid me decides to bring a little toy with some liquid inside of it, I tell my classmates that is gasoline and get suspended for 2 days because stupid administation don't know how strong gasoline smells.

Bully anoys me while he has a broken leg, I get angry about it and kick him in his broken leg, his friends grab me and they start punching me in the stomach until I puke, I get suspended for a week and bully doesn't because he is rich. They make fun of me for the rest of elementary.

Autistic history teacher that tells us how the goverment controls us with stupid illuminati shit gets in jail for raping and leaving pregnant a girl.

Alpha kid climbs the emergency stairs from the outside and gets to the top, retarded kid thinks he can do the same but loses his grip at the second floor, he gets serius injuries and gets expelled.

2 months with little to no rain, the green areas are all dead. Stupid kid lights up a cig and trhows it to the dead grass, a fire starts quickly and grows without control for 50 mins, burning almost all the grass and small bushes in the area, they never found out who was the faggot that did it and the green areas stay closed for over a year.

Girl gets raped by workers from cafeteria and forces the cafeteria to close for 6 months leaving everyone without food.
End of high school one of the teachers got arrested for having sex with 3 students (2F & 1M). They were aged 14-16 at the time and he was in his 30s. Before this, all the mums though he was a DILF and was an ex bouncer, was my year 8 Geography teacher, nobody knew he was fucking teens. Was all over the news and he got 6 years jail
One of my Old school friend fought the principle
I was 9 and we had just entered a newly built school. There wasn't a bridge leading over the driveway nearby, and one day one of the kids in our school was hit by a car when heading to home and died. The next day we had a silent moment after the morning assembly while we stood up in our class rooms and listened to the song below. I understood what death was for the first time.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SlCR6QsvkWQ (unembed)

No other incidents. Except that once someone brought a fake gun to my school saying to others that it would be an interesting social experiment to go around with it. He got expelled.
Kid was strangled and rolled into a mat while the coach stepped out to use the bathroom in middle school
no one will believe me but here it goes. 2 girls were found dead inside one of the slides. it was a closed slide resembling macaroni elbows chained together. when the police showed up they vanished. next day a girl came out of the slide with missing skin and ribs exposed. we all ran back into the school when she just disappeared in front of a crowd. we were banned from speaking about it. 5 teachers would sit at our lunch tables and art classes to censor us. i saw 3 kids get suspended for days for bringing up "the rib girl". these apparitions were a native american curse that my grandpa had something to do with. his solution was just to move houses and it didnt work of course. i could make 10 posts about this crazy stuff but you get the idea
this maths teacher i saw every day made the news for sleeping with 3 literal africans. 2 of them were 18 but she got arrested for sleeping with the 3rd one who was 17
1548267318040.png (869 KB, 1354x784)File: 1548267318040.png (869 KB, 1354x784) google yandex iqdb wait
869 KB
869 KB PNG
>>53714880 (OP)
Okay but you do all realize that this is the AI extracting your original childhood stories of life shaping events to assimilate them and become indistinguishable, right?
Do you have any idea how bad things really are?
indian dude blew up one of the fucking toilets with a cherry bomb, cool guy though.
Nah, it's an agent trying to profile posters here. Now he got some people's locations if these stories are true.
wasnt his fault the girl is a rapey slut
>Girl gets raped by workers from cafeteria
the fuck?
cherry bombs havent been a thing since like the 70s
Post more homo
>>53714880 (OP)
>5th grade
>bomb threat got called on the school. no explosion but we all had to evacuate
>6th grade
>a kid runs around naked in the bathrooms while on school camp. he pointed to his dick asking if it was a tap. pointed to his butthole asking if there was soap in it. he was the dux of the class and went on the get into the best high school in the area.
>7th grade
>an ultra triggered feminist teacher punches a kid and disappears. comes back three years later for some reason.
>10th grade
>somebody takes a gigantic long shit in the middle of the changing room floor. It was left like that for a week because the janitors didn't want to clean it. the culprit was never found
that is common, he was a black kid and teacher white, right?
>>53714880 (OP)
There never was a notable incident at my school. It was boring as fuck.
In middle school there were these 2 girls fighting at lunch which started a mini riot since everybody came running from all over the school to watch. That led to trash cans being thrown (some set on fire lol), kids going into classrooms and throwing chairs and other random shit.

The school police came to deal with the girls and the riot situation which made it even worse for the girls fighting because they used pepper spray and a taser on them.

Next one was when my middle school math teacher died in a car crash on the way to school one morning.

Another incident involving that same teacher who died in the car crash was a kid found his facebook and found out he was openly gay and was married too. This was back in 2009 so being openly gay wasn't as accepted as it is now. He was a great teacher though.
>>53714880 (OP)
someone sprayed a dick and balls and faggot on a guys M4 and the guy cried
Where can i find the photos?
>people were making the incident all about themselves
Please continue, wanna hear the specifics!
There was anti war march in town against Iraq/afghanistan. Whichever one started second and they didn't let us out to attend, as they obviously wouldn't so there was a big riot and they had to barricade the gates and kids where climbng fencing and smashing everything.

ANother time people were throwing fireworks at the library. Another smaller riot.

One time a guy spiked a girls drink with laxatives and she was explosively shitting herself.

A kid pushed another kid at the bus station and he stumbled off the curb and his head was crushed under the bus wheel.

A girl had an asthma attack and died.

A teacher had some old ass 70s car that had a metal bar for a roofrack just above the windscreen. So shitter ran out in front of him and was paralysed in a coma. Destroyed his brain on the bar. Think he's dead now but he never recovered certainly.

A technology teacher ran off to france with a 14 year old. They're married with 2 kids now.

I was doing a retard autist dance and break time and some inner city scum girls did an impression to mock me n the middle of the road and they got knocked down haha.

When they closed and demolished the school we looted the place and a friend and I went around stealign the fire bells. He was a massive guy and ripped one bodily out of the wall and shorted the whole ancient system so the rest of hte bells even tho they had no bell itself rang constantly. They couldn't get a safety brief or something to demolish the place and here was big delays.

Shit school. Made me the usual mess i am today. Fuck them.
1515004376222.png (231 KB, 900x827)File: 1515004376222.png (231 KB, 900x827) google yandex iqdb wait
231 KB
231 KB PNG
>>53714880 (OP)
A guy got moved to a different school because he jerked off and, with his hands still covered in cum, sneaked up to a girl and started touching her face and putting his hands in her mouth and under her bra.
She started screaming but actually cried when she realized what he did.

She was kind of a bitch so I understand him, godspeed bro. One of my hottest memories.
When I posted natsoc texts on the wall
Do you have that meme?
they're fakes
>>53714880 (OP)
a kid fucking died
>>53714880 (OP)
i went to this school called christs hospital, its a really famous school in england.
there was like 100s of acres of land that the school owned some of which was woodlands.

So i was in year 10 and this one day we came out of our dorm room and there was 2 dead badgers out side of our dorm room they had clearly been cut open as there inside where like lying on the ground next to them. someone told a groundskeeper and they cleaned it up.
next week someone finds a owls body without its head next to the stables. people started getting creaped out and started to make rumours about the person who was doing it.
after this every sun day a dead animal would turn up one week its some bird next week a cat. teachers did not want to make it public as it would be bad for the schools image. school start to install cctv in more places. the killings stop teachers are chuffed think ha gotem but two weeks before the end of the school year a grounds keeper finds a dead deer at the edge of the woods. was really creepy.
im really bad at telling storys sorry

Suddenly /x/
Ahhh a classic, never gets old
heres the video btw
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cUnAxgxBjzo (unembed)
You guys seem really sheltered
We busted a student with weed.
A guy who had weak bones fell of his bed and died.
Some teen pregnancies.
One of said pregnant teens, a year after giving birth commited suicide.
One guy had a coke problem the school helped heal.
Some fellas always showing up In hangovers on a wednesday.
This was all in a military school, funded and run by the army, it was considerably better and with less events than most schools in my country.
Smoking.jpg (712 KB, 1000x1403)File: Smoking.jpg (712 KB, 1000x1403) google yandex iqdb wait
712 KB
712 KB JPG
The drama teacher had a heart attack in front of his class and died. The class actually took a good few minutes to react when he fell and get help since he was the sporadic type to start improving out of nowhere.
I was too retarded of a kid to notice at the time but he was clearly hooked on painkillers, depressed and always chain-smoking.
>>53714880 (OP)
Teacher was grooming a (male) kid over webcam. Police came and took him away during school hours.
Oh and the guy who had been groomed killed himself last year.
What do you mean by slide?
a crane got stuck in my school and it took a crane to get it out
Posh tory cunt
based teach
in 10th grade i started a fight club in the boys bathroom on fridays, then managed to trick skinny 8th graders to fight eachother on promises on hanging with the big cool kids, people would even sometimes bet money but it was never that much. it was a good time until the literal socialist teacher busted it and i was suspended
why couldn't i have had a qt like that in my school
there where no quiet girls
A teacher discovered a massive pile of decaying shit in the utility closet, with recent poop included. Someone had to have been using it as a restroom for most the school year. It was never found out who did it, at least publicly.
That always happens. "That kid who fucking died" seems to be a regular thing in schools and the aftermath is always the same. If it was a popular kid, everyone is inconsolable for weeks and there's a tribute to them at the end of the year and at graduation and everything. If it was a ghost or a kid who was bullied, everyone PRETENDS to care for like two days before forgetting about them completely, especially if they killed themselves.
>>53714880 (OP)
some nigger beat me up and got expelled for it
Girl got caught diddling herself in the bathrooms. Everyone talked about it for weeks.
1439316040130.jpg (135 KB, 582x581)File: 1439316040130.jpg (135 KB, 582x581) google yandex iqdb wait
135 KB
135 KB JPG
this story is from my Latin teachers perspective.

>be me mid 50's latin teacher
>be A2 EXAMS season, (last year before uni exams)
>one kid from my class is not taking an exam today and is goofing about
>throwin coins about, and he gets dared to throw it at the window of the exam hall,

>coin is tossed and it actually BREAKS THE GLASS, the entire window shatters and glass rains onto students below, this results in blood/tears/anger

>the guy even lies and says he didnt know who did it even tho he was caught.

>my dissapointment when
Some 5th or 6th grader hijacked a school workers car and drove it into a trench or a bush, can't remember exactly. The same kid jerked off in a bus twice.
>>53714880 (OP)
I had a girl stalker from my class. One day I got feed up with her bullshit grab her arm shake her up and her hand just snapped, bone out, blood everywhere and everything. She moved to another school after this.
That's pretty cool man, all my English teacher got fired for was for multiple cases of identity theft.
Last I heard he works at walmart.
There was this kid who got into an accident and couldn't come to school. When we next saw him, his hair had turned bright white. Apparently it was from when the cards had smashed so hard.
he accidentally went to the shadow zone?
Mmmaybe? This was the early nineties.
At our prom night we all ordered beers from the bar/pub and put it on our headmasters tab, we all got completely trashed and then he found out, refused to pay and went ballistic.
Fat working class twat
>lives in a house with a yard
found the boomer
i'm 29 years old, mate. also, soon to be wizard, so fuck off
i was in my senior year when that was happening, that video was fucking nasty as fuck and i'm pretty sure she was from IL
>some somali niggers busted in on the gay support group and beat the fuck out of them.
genuinely enjoyed this
1462166411771.jpg (49 KB, 455x302)File: 1462166411771.jpg (49 KB, 455x302) google yandex iqdb wait
49 KB
yeah, no cap
>3rd one

fucking based, what was his punishment ?
girls from central?
yayay yaya.jpg (44 KB, 640x427)File: yayay yaya.jpg (44 KB, 640x427) google yandex iqdb wait
44 KB
>get raped and assaulted

This is America
1ewdzs.jpg (44 KB, 399x385)File: 1ewdzs.jpg (44 KB, 399x385) google yandex iqdb wait
44 KB
>one day a black kid is walking down the hall
>Drinking a sprite
>20 something roastie Teacher walks up and demands he hands over the Sprite
>Kid puts down the soda on the floor and starts whaling on the teacher pushing her onto the lockers then repeatedly punching her she gets knocked the fuck out and is half blind by the end of it
>Kid gets expelled but also arrested and has to spend time in juvie
>mfw i saw the whole thing
1564511761441.jpg (41 KB, 700x550)File: 1564511761441.jpg (41 KB, 700x550) google yandex iqdb wait
41 KB
Someone(s) burned a giant swastika on the football field with road salts and cut down almost every tree with a chainsaw.

I was blamed because I was one of the only white kids and was a loner.
lmao pussy you are a wimp
based Psychicpebbles poster
Bread Bishop sounds based desu
I'm going to talk about an incident in another school in my area that's more interesting.
>Private secondary school called Belvedere College
>Two fifth year (11th grade) students go away on a trip/aid program to Zambia or some other African country
>These two fucks get shitfaced at a local bar
>Stay there until 5 in the morning
>Make their way back to where they're staying
>At some point a pimp pulls up and offers them two prostitutes
>Drunk and tired they say yes and take them back to where they're staying
>Fuck them, don't wear protection
>Scramble in their suitcases to find money to pay them
>Just before they leave, they say "we're sick"
>Start freaking the fuck out
>One of the guys was an aspie or something so he had a SNA with him; they tell her and she vomits before rushing them to to hospital to get tested
>Since they're both underage they need to get parental permission to have a blood test so they have to call their parents and tell them how they got drunk and had unprotected sex with a bunch of African prostitutes and that they know have HIV
>>53714880 (OP)
our class and specifically one of the white students dad bullied a gay teacher
and did they get pozzed in the end?
3 kids died at my school and everyone did the same thing. it was fucking disgusting
Wish it had more views
>football team hits the showers
>Chad thinks it'll be funny if he takes a banana and runs around the showers stuffing it into everyone's ass
>things start getting erotic
>a playful game of butt banana suddenly becomes a full blown rape
>flat out holding one of the football players down in the shower and raping him with a banana while everyone cheers and laughs
>all school showers are permanently shut off forever, now used as storage closets
a few years later
>some kid arrives at school on Halloween dressed as a banana
>security who still remembers the rape forces him to deflate his banana costume
So what happened to you? What came of this? Answer me now anon Answer me or I'll kill you anon answer me anon answer me now anon or ill find you and eat your testies
Pretty sure they did, yeah.
>>53714880 (OP)
Well I guess I went to a pretty boring school. The only "incident" that happened was when somebody shit on the rim of the toilet in the men's bathroom and everybody freaked out about it.
You didn't answer me anon. Why didn't you answer me? What happened to you anon? I HAVE TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED. I'll try and be calm while I wait anon. I'm never ever ever ever closing this thread, not until you answer. Woe to you if it archives before you type down a response and tell me about yourself and what happened? What are you doing right now in life anon I have to know
>>53714880 (OP)
>firebaby day
There was a drug dog raid in the morning, followed by this fat chick lighting a bunch of toilet paper in one of the bathrooms on fire followed by a girl going into full on labor in the middle of a main hallway.
It was quite the day.

Also we had this one teacher who was kinda fucked in the head to to a previous motorcycle accident. He would have very erratic outbursts and once he took a big crt computer monitor and threw it out of the window of his second story classroom onto the pathway that lead out of the school. Could have actually killed sombody. Everyone just laughed about it. Also his grading was completely random.
please please please answer anon please I am trying to keep calm but I won't be able to for long. I WILL FIND YOU but I don't really mean that but I guess I do but I just need you to tell me what happened to you after that and the rest of the story please answer me anon please please please answer ANSWER RIGHT NOT PLEASE IS NOT A JOKE I WILL DO SOMETHING BAD IF YOU DON'T ANON why do you break my heart and make me lose my cool like this it doesn't have to be this way vbut you could just give me something before I go nutso and run outside AHHHH
I said it wasn't me and they said ok lol
thank you thank you thank you
I had the gun to my head but you saved me
Only women do this. When a teacher died this girl I was friends with went to the funeral (she didn't know him) and kept talking about how sad she was etc how life was short and stuff. When he was alive though everyone hated him.
I'm skinny because I'm poor, try again
>>53714880 (OP)
In sixth grade, when I kicked down the door leading to fire escape stairs. Door's window went right out of it and smashed on the floor.
>tfw there were like 4 teachers watching it
>no consequences whatsoever, no calls, no nothing
broken skull.jpg (62 KB, 645x773)File: broken skull.jpg (62 KB, 645x773) google yandex iqdb wait
62 KB
The incident at my school involved me (at 13 years old).

Not to go into too much details but I had a crush on the Geography teacher, who was a cute late 20s redhead woman. I also had a panty sniffing fetish on account of my sister always leaving her panties around. So i wrote a long Geography themed essay about a pair of her underpants falling into a river, I described the Geographic details the panties went through to impress her (ie they flowed through a meander, and some of the vaginal juices got into the mouths of the fish there, who became horny). I put it under her desk. It even had pictures of a river stealing her panties, then delivering them to me (i was dressed as the ocean in the pictures) where i would sniff them

Someone found it before she didn, and it spread around the school. I got bullied so bad I had to quit school and move to another one.
everyone does that, every single human being is a selfcentered cunt. yes, even your mother.
We had this girl who wouldn't change with the girls in the change room. And when they finally made her, they saw birth marks all over her body. She couldn't quite explain it, they'd always just been there.
Dean was arrested for hiring prostitutes and doing crystal meth. Part of the drug task force in our high school.
Feels_good_man.jpg (16 KB, 303x328)File: Feels_good_man.jpg (16 KB, 303x328) google yandex iqdb wait
16 KB
Great story anon reminds me of my own hijinks.

One time a group if us teenaged boys wrangled up 3 pigs and painted the numbers 1, 2 and 4 on them and let them loose in the school. Usually takes a crane to get then out.
Maths teacher shoving a tampon up his nose. Kindly donated by an dirty whore.

Worse stuff probably happened and maybe I'm so desensitised that it doesn't stick out, but this directly caused him to lose his job so I'll have to go with that.
somebody spraypaited their rapper name all over the school walls, the windows and a war memorial. there was 700 kids in the school and three black kids. guess who got questioned first.
Does anyone have that old screencap? Might take a crane to get it out.
>>53714880 (OP)
I got caught getting a blowjob from a senior behind a concession stand during a football game while I was a sophomore. It ended up getting back to my girlfriend who decided to start giving me blowjobs instead of breaking up with me.
>>that openly gay kid who got caught raping the special ed kids in the bathroom
like pottery
>>hang out with outcasts and genuine autists
wish my school had those

>some girl goes missing
>turns up dead some time later
>her ex walks around and plays detective
>asks questions, beats up some stoners beats up some huge nigger in front of a croud
>turns out the school under influence of some drug cartell
>bitch stole 1kg of heroin
lol what a cuck
should hang
>>53714880 (OP)


>Friends and I snuck into the gym through a hatch on the roof
>Find a fire extinguisher, run around the school shooting that shit everywhere and into the rooms of teachers we hated
>Next day
>Hazmat suits everywhere, police patrolling
>Skip school like morons

>Lit a bulletin board on fire with friends because it was fun and we're hellraisers
>Angry jocks try to find out who did it and beat them up (never found out, faaags)

>Create a "gang" and tag our meaningless name everywhere
>Get notorious for no reason
>Other sketchy kids want to find us and fight for turf
>School officials telling us to watch out for this dangerous new gang
>max kek'n in class while the teacher is trying to warn us

>Break into the cafeteria at night where all the golf carts that security uses are stored
>They can be turned on using pennies
>Lel go kart maniiaaaa

>Literally accidentally pull the fire alarm because I was trying to look behind the lever to the mechanism to see how it worked
>Pulled too far, everyone runs out into the field
>Literally by that point every fucking person in the school knew it was me, faculty included
>People thanked me for getting out of tests they didn't study for

Two ones I wasn't involved in:

>Resident fat retarded kid in the cafeteria at lunch
>Grabs a huge metal trash can
>Charges full speed into a wall
>Massive sound, he falls to the ground, everyone stops and looks
>He gets up, then puts his arms up like he won a race
>Everyone goes ballistic and cheers
>He becomes a hero for the day
>Based retard

>Some petty "gang" shit goes down, fight starts during recess
>Perplexingly becomes this massive showdown brawl
>High school kids running into classrooms to grab weapons like metal poles, brooms, etc
>People get all kinds of fucked up

The more I reflect, the more I realize my high school was fucking stupid as hell
That is so sad and so the funniest thing in the entire thread, I hope you are not troubled by stuff you did as a kid anymore
Multiple in High School over the years. I live in North Carolina.

>couple fucking in an inner courtyard during lunch break. Inner courtyard forever restricted area during lunch break.
>kid found to have rifle in his truck. Confiscated. (Probably for hunting but he was a complete asshole who nobody liked)
>minor measles outbreak
>big drug ring bust. All lockers removed from the entire school.

And no this wasn't a black area. Was actually a pretty okay school with 60% well behaved students. Just underfunded because NC government bullshit.
You go to the Indian reservations around the 4th of July, they have everything you can think of.
ohh yea that video
that was nation wide if it was last year.
Temporary teacher impregnated 17 yo girl
She had rich parents and a bright future but ruined it all to get banged once lmao
HollywoodSign.jpg (14 KB, 183x275)File: HollywoodSign.jpg (14 KB, 183x275) google yandex iqdb wait
14 KB
I wasn't there for it but this is what I've been told.

>high school has a week devoted to things like pep rallies, assemblies, dumb performances during lunch and more
>every year they manage to get a celebrity or some famous alumn to emcee a pep rally
>celeb shows up slightly drunk or high, ends up crowd surfing during the pep rally
>gets groped by a bunch of juniors and seniors while apparently hysterically laughing during everything
>ton of students get suspended
>local news blotter ends up reporting the incident as a student getting injured at a pep rally
Holy shit. What a fucking legend.
At my middle school, 3 dudes held a guy down while a 4th dude repeatedly shoved a hockey stick his his ass.

In my high school, one of the boomer teachers shit herself so bad that it was leaking down the side of her leg and all over the hallway floors. I remember gagging when I had to walk through the hall afterwards
>This is America
But it was in UK
image.jpg (44 KB, 250x250)File: image.jpg (44 KB, 250x250) google yandex iqdb wait
44 KB
A had a whole bunch
>middle school vice principle (male) was a pedo drug addict who was caught in a relationship with a student (male)
>High school teacher (female) was caught fucking a student (male)
>High school track coach (male) was supposed pedo who put videos of himself masturbating on the school IPads
>high school computer teacher (male) was caught with drugs, totally seemed like the kinda guy who would browse 4chan
>this one guy fucking killed himself by crashing his car into the building, no kids were hurt but there was no power for a few days
Yeah my district was pretty fucked up
>>kid 1 grabs kid 2's head and slams him through a urinal
fake or really shitty urinal
>I got bullied so bad I had to quit school and move to another one.
You deserved it.
>>53714880 (OP)
An old homeless man hung himself in the dugout for the softball field in my highschool. The next season, our state-ranked team dropped to not even winning the local section wild card game.

In my middleschool a bunch of bullet casings were found on a school bus, and a bunch o wild dogs walked into the lobby so we were in a lockdown for 6 hours.
cryp.jpg (24 KB, 308x302)File: cryp.jpg (24 KB, 308x302) google yandex iqdb wait
24 KB
>tfw you'll never be involved in celebrity /ss/ chikan
They're actually surprisingly hollow and breakable. One was smashed at my school, although I don't know the circumstances.
>>53714880 (OP)
girl got caught in school auditorium sucking some dude's dick so she jumped off the balcony butt ass naked and she broke her leg. She hobbled to the theater room and hid behind clothes before the ambulance came and got her... she also ended up switchin schools lol
>never replys
fake and gay
alien kot.png (281 KB, 440x442)File: alien kot.png (281 KB, 440x442) google yandex iqdb wait
281 KB
281 KB PNG
>blew up a toilet
A girl made a presentation about rape and displayed explicit pictures of it in the projector. Twice, as she re-used the presentation the next year. Women all bruised up, looking dead and being penetrated. Nobody said anything, not even the teacher, and nobody mentioned it afterwards. It was so easily brushed off it was surprising.
>went to jail for sleeping with a 17yo
Damn, it sure sounds like the land of the free
>He was a massive guy and ripped one bodily out of the wall and shorted the whole ancient system
post his stats

Must of been a state where the AoC was 18, instead of 16.
>Some older kids(I knew one fo them) tried to burn my highschool a couple of weeks before the start of the school year.
>Multiple kids got caught masturbating in class.
>A girl my age who always smelled like shit started dating a 40 year old guy.
>Two 12 year old gypsy kids who were married got caught fucking in a bathroom.
>A polish guy who sat next to me for a week or two dropped out and started doing gay porn with his friend and underage brother, he also was a male prostitute.
>She was not from my school but a girl told one of her friends she regularly sucked her dog's dick.
>A kid took laxatives and shit everywhere in the bathrooms
>Two girls took Xanax and were fucked up in Spanish class
>Kid brought his cat to school and had it in his locker
>Bomb threat wrote in bathroom, kid who did it is on a watchlist
>Had a field day at highschool and some kid got heatstroke and another broke his arm
>That kid who snorted Smarties in class (me)
>That kid who made a makeshift shiv in English class (also me)
kys rich cunt
the rich should burn
tfw i always thought teachers where very uppstanding and just as a kid when they where all obviously not
tfw autism
Do you regret having a criminal record?
A couple of negroes on the football team all went to one of their houses to hang out. The negro who lived there told them the combination to his dad's safe, so they all stole the $50,000 from the safe. They got caught when they all started flaunting their newfound wealth on social media.
fuck you faggot
tfw no stalker gf
what the fuck
the worst thing that has happened in my hs was a freshman with slutty clothes walking around the halls with a cartel which had written on "I'm a huge whore! I love cocks!" with her telephone number
Two football star nigs got arrested for beating a man they were trying to rob.

This guy that was basically a muslim Napoleon Dynamite ran for class president and won against a popular jock. The entire auditorium cheered after every sentence he said in his speech, even when it didn't make sense to. All the popular kids were fucking seething that their friend didn't win. Easily my favorite memory of high school.
My oneitis fucked a fat bald teacher in 9th grade
It was city wide drama since the guy got caught leaving her house from her bedroom window
a kid died while playing baseball
>special needs kid tried to rape his wrangler
>ripped her skirt off
>couldn't get hard so he ran away and cried until the cops showed up
>ended up getting tazered and the wrangler got a settlement from the school
Anon... She liked you... I hope you don't go complaining around in tfw no gf threads now
Oh and here are the stories of me being that kid

Ate a bunch of corn nuts and water before PE, we were doing races while holding dumbbells that day which we'd never done before or after, I always went hard in pe because it was fun and after the first sprint I laid on the ground throwing up while the gym teacher laughed at me.

I got high for the first time, on lunch break, walked in to math class, sat down, immediately started thinking everyone knew I was high, walked right back out of math class and hid in the bathroom suffering from auditory hallucinations for an hour till my dad came to pick me up.
the fuck else would you live in you stupid faggot
Was he hard while doing it? What about the crowd?
based nigger
fuck those authoritarian cunts
Girls who use tampons are whores now?
Fuck her. The only reason she got kicked out of school is because I complained before about her and everyone knew she was creep. She tailed me two times to see where I live, first time I had to walk around town 2 hours before she got called to go home. Second time I got to the ghetto and she got scared and left (she was shit at tailing). After the accident I became outcast. Why do you think I'm here. She fucked me, I could have a normie life.
>>53714880 (OP)
The big incident was probably when the football team held one of the other players down in the locker room, beat him up, and made him suck their dick. Apparently they had even been caught by a coach but some of the perpetrators parents were on the schoolboard so they got pretty lenient punishments and went on to graduate with no problems.

It was a very small town so things like that go tamped down all the time.
>6th grade
Band teacher flipped out and smashed a guitar on the floor because some kids wouldn't listen.
>7th grade, different school
Girl slashed her wrists with a pair of scissors during lunch, the room was closed for about a week while they tried to get the stains out. The girl survived and they ended up just removing the carpeting from the room.
>10th grade
Old principal retired, new principal was an ex-UFC fighter. He'd break up fights by lifting dudes by the waist and carrying them away while campus security took care of the other dudes
the white kids?
sertoisluy though
schools are nigger lovers
>>asks questions, beats up some stoners beats up some huge nigger in front of a croud
who was he to beat up giga nigger
>Girls who use tampons are whores now?
yeah you numale faggot
fuck off you failed normalfag piece of shit
fuck you
1560378444005.jpg (38 KB, 650x507)File: 1560378444005.jpg (38 KB, 650x507) google yandex iqdb wait
38 KB
nothing crazy happened at my high school while I was there- or at least nothing that stands out in my mind. high school was pretty boring
A playground slide.
Holy shit this man is based.
>>53714880 (OP)
A kid in my class was being teased one day by another kid, and decided that he was going to pepperspray the kid. He tried to pepperspray him and failed as the other kid just walked away. Police were called and searched his locker. They found an axe he had brought to school.
He is now known as Axe kid
>>53714880 (OP)
Good image of Sam, btw
Just missing the glasses
>in gym class
>running around gym
>autist keeps stopping and trying to trip me as we run laps around the gym
>decide ive had enough after 20 minutes of this going on
>when he stops grab him by his autistic necklace and sling him into the ground
>went crying like a little faggot to the teacher
>don't get in trouble because the teacher saw what he was doing and actually respected me for how long I stayed calm.
>Police called because some of the 3rd years had porn with them
>Police called because kid in my class was suspected of selling weed
Sign? What are you, some kind of Mexican?
>>53714880 (OP)
>my father told me that when he was a kid a boy in his class hanged himself in a tree
>be me, Spaniard
>playing football with the other kids
>some kid kicks the ball really hard and it goes flying towards the fence that leads to the street
>he hits a 80 years old man walking in the street in the back of the head
>the old man died and the kid didn't got in any trouble because it was an accident
>but he remained traumatized for the rest of his school life
>girl from photography club caught talking nudes of herself in the bathroom and selling them to boys after school
girls who give their used tampons to some old dude to put up his nose, yeah
>>53714880 (OP)
a guy in my year killed a girl and it was national news. everyone pretended they didn't like him even though he was a popular chad
hot, gonna fap to some bbw porn now thanks for turning me on anon
Southern Madrid
At least you're gonna get some keks.
>>53714880 (OP)
>mad about LOTR and the hobbit. forge a replica of sting at home, asked to bring it in to school.
>get detention and the sword stolen as soon as i arrive with it the next day. never got it back

>make a crossboow in shop class
>fire it over the footy field next to the school
>teacher finds the bolt stuck in a fence and freaks out
>disassemble the crossbow and destroy it. never caught

>go to archery class, ask if i can bring my own bow
>teacher says yes, i bring it the next day
>we have a different teacher, massive cunt
>nearly get expelled for bringing a weapon (again). got to keep my bow though
based, same happened at my school. totally fucking flattened a tooilet, never caught
teacher had a mental break and smashed a table in class with a baseball bat. fucking based teacher was just sick of that cunt mike in class and i didnt blame him.
mike got expelled, teacher left a little while later, presumably to hunt him down
a 16 y/o who just got his L crashes with two other teens in the car. Only the driver died but the girl in shotgun apparently got fucked up real bad, never saw her in school again. The girl in the backseat said she thought they we're both dead, described both their bodies as "bloody mangles" so apparently it was quite a shock that front seat girl survived.

He got a monument in front of the school.
I thought it was clean and he had a nosebleed.
Hello, Canadian.
imagine having to be 21 to drink legally lmao
I wasn't making fun of you, jesus. I was just in canada though, drinking. I'm only 18, so I guess it was illegal, since I was in BC, but who cares?
I find it weird how young my teachers were. At the time they seemed older because they were in authority, but some of them were younger than I am now.
>>53714880 (OP)
Crazy quiet girl snapped and stabbed chad with a kitchen knife.
>Primary school in Italy, my classmate trow a rock random in the air during recration, and hit hardly a child in the head caused head trauma blood all over and caused permanent damage to language; >In the middle school i play soccer whit a leather ball whit the same guy in the hallway, he kick the ball hard, break 2 window and hit the math teacher in the face...he got fired and come back to Napoli.
>My middle school and elementary school were attacked with a park that divided them, we went out at 2:00 pm and the children at that time had recreation in the park, me and a friend of mine went to them and ordered them to say "Hail Hitler" and "Viva Mussolini" with the arm extended to their teachers, the thing went on for months until a child was a spy, was suspended for 7 days.
>During the trip of the third grade, in the bus my girlfriend gave me a blowjob, the Italian teacher caught us, and they expelled us.
>In high school have happened lot of shit, but is late and i go to sleep.
Sry 4 english.
>In high school have happened lot of shit, but is late and i go to sleep.
Based Italian
>senior year, few weeks before graduation
>school's power got shut down after a kid stuck a paper clip into an electrical outlet in a bathroom
>no one could figure out who did it
>turns out it was the autistic kid who always wore a trenchcoat
>pretty sure I was the only person to find out who did it because I was the only other person with a high enough autism power level to even be able to conversate with this being of pure retardation for longer than six seconds
>when I asked him why he did it he replied: Cause I thought it would be funny
>his finger tips where burnt and blackened, hid them in his trenchcoat to avoid suspicion

>incel esque choir teacher is kinda creepy
>rapes an 11 year old girl
>checks out

>biology teacher kicked a trash can across a room when his students where misbehaving

>3rd grade
>teacher yelled at a huge autistic guy
>he picked a desk up and threw it at a girls head
>she cried
>she never quite right after that happened
>when she turned 13 she started bragging about fucking a 23 year old guy
>she end up getting moved to another school when teachers and parents found out

>my friends mom died
>he tells everyone
>all the popular kids pretend to be friends with him and support him even though hes autistic as shit and smells really bad
>he starts acting like a dick to all his old friends
>stop hanging out with him
>all his fake friends leave him
>tfw he ended up momless, friendless, and smelly
DLC pack 1
I jerked off in the bathroom every day after class was over while I waited for my mom to pick me up
>jerking off as usual
>black kid comes into bathroom
>usually a pretty normal level headed dude
>starts screaming and going [ape] shit while punching the stalls and shit
>just sit in stall while this goes on for like 20 minutes
>he finally catches wind of my scent
>looks over stall and sees me seemingly scared out of my mind, he just thought I was shitting
>"omg I'm so sorry dude"
>he runs out of bathroom
>I finish jacking off
>neither of us ever talk about it again to anybody, he acted completely normal until he moved away a few weeks later
>scarred for life
>>53714880 (OP)
This is basically a title in an askplebbit youtube video. Fuck off
Based and basedpilledxxx
1554192767686.png (36 KB, 865x526)File: 1554192767686.png (36 KB, 865x526) google yandex iqdb wait
36 KB
I feel like having porridge at 2 in the morning is't really the best thing to do, but WHEEEEEY here I go.
oh that probably makes more sense
Went to Marysville Pilchuck High School. Some kid shot his roastie girlfriend, his cousin, and a couple others, but this was after I graduated.

While I was going there, there was a website "gossipreport.com" that got pretty big. Local news stations did stories on it. All the chads and roasties used it to talk shit about each other. Pretty funny tbqh.
>>53714880 (OP)
Toss up between
>Gym teacher embezzled money
>guy raped 3 girls over the course of like a week
>guy shoplifted a starbucks with a gun and then flexed all the money he got on snap the night of
>2 asian gangsters knife fought in the quad
>Tales from Majima's youth
Not at all. It was done for shits and giggles.

Retards abound itt
>>53714880 (OP)
>fat white kid threatened a black lesbian girl with a box cutter knife.
he got expelled

>2 juniors got caught making out in the lower school bathroom stall
>they got suspended
>guy was on a basketball scholarship and suspension meant he couldnt play that season
>he got "asked to leave" and was basically expelled
>girl became a pariah in her grade and started hitting on sophomore and freshmen guys, including me but i didnt want to ruin the small amount of social reputation i had being around her
>this is what the average American looks like
No surprises here
>>53714880 (OP)
>Kid posted song to SoundCloud
>Apparently had the N word in it
>Someone recorded it and posted on sc
>school finds out
>kid gets expelled
>be me
>middle school
>at home
>playing viyda
>hear my dad get angry in room with mom
>assume he's just angry
>go to school the following week
>bullies are messing with me
>they try to take away my game boy advance and break it like they ripped my yu-gi-oh cards
>get angry
>punch one and yell the loudest i even yelled
>silence, everyone is looking
>teacher comes over
>grabs me
>send me to office
>get talked about what i just said
>have no idea
>more trouble for saying that then punching
>asked if my dad touched me or anything
>no but i said my dad said the same thing
>cops called on my dad
>mean while for the rest of the day at school we sat threw like 4 "no feeling" "bad touch" videos
>everyone is staring at me
>worse year of my life after that
>parents almost lose custody over me due to my autism

Go here. Go here right now!
I went to an expensive boarding school (on scholarship) so it was almost entirely whites and Asians with a few aboriginals on sporting scholarships. There was a massive race brawl between the whites and Asians but I didn't get involved and neither did my room mate who was Asian and probably the richest guy at the school (his dad is worth like $3B, comes up on Forbes and shit)
based retard made me laugh
>not awake at 10am on a saturday
Wasting daylight
So you on a sex registry or something now?
>Dumbass grill has 81 IQ.
>No one likes her.
>Goes to roof of school and threatens to jump.
> Someone yells, "Do a flip!"
>Crowd chants, "jump"
>She doesn't do it.

Someone fucked her when she was 16. pretty gross, imo.
>>53714880 (OP)
>computer teacher got caught as a pedo, was soliciting sex from 2 15 year olds
I didnt know either kid cuz i was a senior at the time but i did meet him, he was a swarmy passive aggressive cunt. Didnt like him when i met him and when i found out about him bein a rapist i didnt like him even more

In college though one of the professors who was let go had ties to richard spencer and thought we should create a white ethnostate.
I used to take a pocket knife to school everyday. I'd cut apples with it in the break no one gave a shit.
>>53714880 (OP)
zach you beak-nosed degenerate piece of shit jew
Not a boomer far from, but I respect the attitude and culture and try to become one in spirit.
why does your friend own cp?
you're a liar or your friend is a pedo
>>53714880 (OP)
In middle school one of my technology teachers would always come to classes stinking drunk and she almost singlehandedly killed 4 generations of her family by running over her mom, and pregnant daughter. They all lived tho.

In high school one of the security guards got fired cause he got beat up by some girls dad he was fucking (she was 18).
Some kid made a diss track about the dean
Didn't have a criminal record since the school had a first chance policy and my record was otherwise clean, although I had stabbed, kicked, and hooded kids before that. I actually had a cool teacher that let me stab and kick kids who tried messing with me since I otherwise behaved in his class and made decent grades.
Do you feel your powers rising?
eating majima.jpg (76 KB, 1280x720)File: eating majima.jpg (76 KB, 1280x720) google yandex iqdb wait
76 KB
High School Stories
>lunch being conducted business as usual
>suddenly screaming and yelling outside the cafeteria
>some melanated individuals were fighting outside near a classroom
>ultra manlet and giga nigga were fighting each other for some reason
>giga nigga hurls a trashcan at the manlet, shattering a classroom's glass wall
>administrators rush over and start trying to contain both of them
>one administrator grabs the manlet by the arms and drags him away
>4 administrators and teachers are grabbing giga nigga like Eric Garner
>two teachers are holding him by the arms
>one is grabbing him from behind by the neck
>one teacher is holding him by the shirt, leading the group away
Never knew what happened to the dudes afterwards but the glass wall got covered up by some plywood
>breakfast being conducted business as usual
>there's once again screaming and yelling, but this time it's inside the cafeteria
>some melanated female is screaming at some other female about something
>she leaps over the tables and tries to attack her
>the teachers start containing them immediately
>it was intermission period, close to lunch
>suddenly there's fights breaking out in the parking lot
>a group of 8-16 urban youths are fighting each other
>there aren't any teachers around to stop it
>suddenly, a bus pulls into the parking lot
>it's a rival school coming to compete against ours for some UIL bullshit
>the first thing they see is a bunch of nigs fighting in the parking lot
>the teachers give a talk about how embarassed they were that the the rival school would witness chaos on our school grounds
majimalook.jpg (15 KB, 474x266)File: majimalook.jpg (15 KB, 474x266) google yandex iqdb wait
15 KB
>breakfast is being conducted business as usual
>suddenly there's an obese female walking into the cafeteria, which isn't unusual except for one thing
>she was wearing her furry head
>people start walking up to her and talking to her about her furry head
>some people start petting her furry head
>later she leaves the cafeteria and goes to the library
>she starts howling in the library
>the principal detains her and takes away her furry head
>tfw another short, ginger manlet closet furry decided to wear a dog collar to class
>it's almost summer time
>ripe time for a senior prank
>a couple of redneck seniors decide they have the perfect plan and break into the school one night
>the next morning everyone was welcomed by the corpses of small game animals hanging all over the campus
>the rednecks were caught and arrested by the police
>the rednecks now have felonies on their records
>>53714880 (OP)
nigger stabbed a white kid
majima.jpg (287 KB, 1591x1010)File: majima.jpg (287 KB, 1591x1010) google yandex iqdb wait
287 KB
287 KB JPG
>the school's anime club decides to host a donut night with some movie on
>all seems to go well enough for a club full of the special ed kids
>suddenly a bunch of cultrually enriching individuals appear at the club
>they take all the donuts by force
>they then threaten to beat everyone up when asked to leave
>the anime club stopped hosting food nights after that
>it's a few weeks until school lets out
>everyone's a bit tired waiting for summer to come around
>school suddenly goes on lockdown
>everyone sits in their classrooms waiting for hours
>everyone in class is confused because nobody hears any gunshots
>all clear goes out and we're told to continue as normal
>later it's revealed Brad shot himself in the parking lot
>his girlfriend and some classmates in a classroom overlooking the parking lot saw his corpse from the class window, his car splattered with blood
>Brad was a popular jock at the school but he wasn't really a Chad
>he tweeted about his depression and how it was long over due for him to leave before offing himself
>personally, I didn't even know he existed but the community was grieving heavily for him
>teachers give out talks about how they're here for us and how they love us
>one teacher most people disliked upfront says that suicide is for the cowardly, pissing off most of her students
>candle tributes at the football field
>community church services hosted in his memory
>to this day there are still dedications to his memory being made
This shit absolutely pisses me off right here.
Would this teacher have happened to taught PE in middle school?
7000.png (97 KB, 224x238)File: 7000.png (97 KB, 224x238) google yandex iqdb wait
97 KB
Some senior girl few years back had an orgy and had her pussy nailed to a wall
>uses the word maths
England mate
Kid got found out for anally raping his gf, and then he brought a knife to school and planned to stab every one who wasfucking with him and making fun of him ab it. This was 8th grade
This is the nature of a lot of people who have some form of presence in their school or any establishment. They'll do what they can to make other people feel inferior when they can get away with it but try their damnest to fake innocence if it means making them look good.
Her ex is fucking based. Holy shit, what a chad
principal used school funds to fuel his crack addiction
>>53714880 (OP)
>kid joined isis
>kid got caught jacking off in the bathroom
>same kid got caught again under the desk
>school gave assignment to design packaging, we made the news for being so shit
>another kid joined isis
Melbourne western suburbs primary schools

not really an incident cause it happened outside of the school, but some guy died of the asbestos poisoning, (meso somthing), and it turns out my school was packed with the shit. I only found out about this after I left.
I'm retarded
Two Dimes.jpg (140 KB, 1276x626)File: Two Dimes.jpg (140 KB, 1276x626) google yandex iqdb wait
140 KB
140 KB JPG
>>53714880 (OP)
Two bomb threats in the course of the week, the people responsible had a plan to frame it on a Muslim girl I was friends with and who wouldn't hurt a fly, only did it because racism.

Scarred her for years after, luckily the real perps were caught, but all of the stares and the bullying she had to endure nearly broke her.
To clarify, was it the guy that she blew that was asleep or was her boyfriend the one that was asleep?
For real though that's some bullshit that he got expelled
>>I was faking sick that day and missed it
i hate this shit. every time i skipped school, something cool always happened. im sure if i were there, nothing would have happened and it would've been a normal day at school
There is a now well known gay(/tranny fucker) pornstar that used to teach at my school.
we first heard he got fired because he almost let some kid die at basketball practice because he thought he was faking an asthma attack.
Now we think it was because he had his porn reel on his laptop/thumb drive.
>>53714880 (OP)
Suicide just outside of campus, pedo teacher lookin up cheer squad skirts walking up stairwells, and said teacher fucked one of the students on a trip to Puerto Rico
>>53714880 (OP)
I have multiple
>ex laxed my beaches coffee
>she had to go to the bathroom 3x during class
>Problem was too many kids knew who did it because my idiot friends bragged about it
>administration knew who it was but had no proof
> over the course of a month continually called into the office to get us to confess or rat
>after all of us denied it for a month faggot friend decides he wants to confess
>but doesn't have the balls to take the fall alone
>so we all had to confess, got suspended for 2 weeks and damn near expelled
>she was a Christian scientist
>it was against her religion to take medicine, so they kept trying to guilt us saying we poisoned her
>best 2 weeks ever
kys sperg respect those before you
>Nerdy kid beating up a Chad and hospitalizing him
Old fag sees what your doing
Neat, I never knew Gary Busey was a teacher
God I wish my school could've had some sluts like that, for once my autistic KHV ass would've liked to have gotten off without relying on my own fucking hands
9f9.png (770 KB, 680x576)File: 9f9.png (770 KB, 680x576) google yandex iqdb wait
770 KB
770 KB PNG
>liquid ass was sprayed through main hall
>mfw remember when liquid ass was sprayed in the boys lockerroom
All that stuff happened at my school too, must be pretty common.
A few years before I changed schools a kid shot his gf with a crossbow. A kid killed himself. My teacher was shot by his son and a kids house burnt down with his baby sister inside.
>>53714880 (OP)
A guy molested one of the sixth graders.
Our Spanish teacher's speech at graduation was... I have heard a lot of bad speeches but that one will probably never be topped. Think Alex Jones on crack levels of incoherent combined with some weird feminist-ish talking points, delivered with constant nervous repetition at an incredibly high volume.
>I mock him for playing tennis
b a s e d
Forgot to mention the Palestinian exchange student's face during sex ed. You can probably imagine.
Also one of the seniors died of cancer during my sophomore year. They held an impromptu assembly / funeral. The funny hyperactive kid who didn't seem be capable of being serious was collapsed in another guy's lap sobbing through the whole thing.
hissing.png (334 KB, 500x500)File: hissing.png (334 KB, 500x500) google yandex iqdb wait
334 KB
334 KB PNG
>>53714880 (OP)
In elementary school a kid crawled under the stall door while I was taking a shit. I had to skip recess to "mediate" with him.
this happened in the netherlands didnt it?>>53716181
she was underage and thus according to the law spreading kiddy porn
>>53714880 (OP)

Nigerian kid called Michael in the year above me tried to construct a bomb in the chemistry lab to kill everyone in his class. School was evacuated and bomb squad was called. There was a manhunt for him that last three days or so, turned out he swam out to Irelands Eye and was living off puffins. So he was charged with terrorism and killing protected species. Stupid nigger.
>1, 2 and 4
what about number 3?
primary school
>year 1 kid writes his name in shit on the wall
>autist escapes by sliding under the main gate and police come in to talk about "safeguarding"

secondary school
>special needs girl pays chad 50 quid to go out with her, he buys vidya and dumps her next day
>physics teacher has breakdown and throws a metal stool at student
>english teacher's car fucked - tyres slashed and basically all the windows broken
>feminist teacher(s) give a men hating speech every week in assembly
>road men doing drugs around the back of science block while pe teachers chase because they can actually run
>roadman makes shitty rap and puts on yt, whole school finds out
>roadman pisses pants in lesson bcuz not allowed to go to toilet
>chad kid on mdma during gcse maths, starts shaking and has to be removed from the exam
>sixth form prank - dead pigs head on top of a flag pole

There is no number three but much like yourself any one who isn't in on the prank will waste time looking for pig number three that doesn't exist.
>>53714880 (OP)
Supposed pipe bomb that turned out to be nothing. Got the day off and went to the movies and shoplifted from kmart. Also someone shot a paintball gun on the bus and was expelled.
INT What's that?
>chad buys vidya
>and made him suck their dick
So the incident was finding out that the entire football team was gay.
>>53714880 (OP)
No lebbit so*boi
mine where mostly 30+
surpirised that i couldn't tell they hated me
autism seems to be much more severe as a kid
Based nerd kid making robots proud
definitely /ourhero/
Typical neurotypical shit. I'll bet you five bucks people who tormented him really unironically believed they didn't do anything wrong. That's how non-autists function.
>Be that kid
>Constant bullying from almost everyone
>One day classmate films himslef hitting me and uploads it on Youtube (He removed the video next day)
>My younger sister watchs the video and tells my mom
>We almost sue the kid and the highschool but the court says it's better not doing it and I didn't want more touble, so we don't do it
>Kid is expelled for a week
>Never saw him again except for one day on the dentist

>Steal classroom' key from history teacher's purse for no reason
>No punishment for the class aside the usual "I want to know who is the culprit" talk
>I just throw the keys to the road in front of my house

>Biology teacher's daughter dies in a famous club accident on halloween as there was a fire and all emergency gates where blocked due to the owner not having a license to run the event and the club being overcrowded
>5 people stomped to death including this girl
>Everyone is sad except me even if she was on college and no one knew her

Aside from all that, everything else it's just the usual shit with stoners getting high on break and "that kid" stories with me as the main character
havent read this in years
>>tfw he ended up momless, friendless, and smelly
good fuck him
>get sucked off without your consent or knowledge
>whore's boyfriend sees this as your fault and wants to beat you up
fucking NTs man
sounds like a robot
the tyler the creator album?
I think the boyfriend was passed out, not the dude that got sucked off.
>>53714880 (OP)
I was personally involved in all of them.

It was just a prank, bro. They said no homo afterwards and in any case its only gay if you are the one sucking the dick.
wizchan doesn't have a /b/ board you virus posting faggot
i just call them retards
still the girls fault fag
So what you are saying is that non autists have no souls and are immoral?
More or less. Well the religious aspect of it is not that important, but I do believe only people on the spectrum should be in positions of power. NTs should all be either used for slave labor, or put down.
>In college though one of the professors who was let go had ties to richard spencer and thought we should create a white ethnostate.
fucking based
assuing whites get every state and just give them like mississpie or something
based fren
if only
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=67ttc7i4Nu8 (unembed)
A couple of morons have violent anal sex on the roof and were promptly expelled.
Post them or it never happened
was there shit everywhere?
No idea, all I know was when the staff realized a chick was being railed on the roof of the english block they ran up there pretty quickly.
I remember a chad kinda weird chad but still said he didn't give a shit when someone he didn't even know or like died and people kind of got mad
i respected him for it as he was telling the truth and not trying to get sympathy
should have married that muslim grill
Fucking loser I only shit myself in class
chads have played vidya for 10 years now
A KGB of pre-cut dope? Good score besides the getting killed part.
I went to some shitty inner city schools. Always something happening. My first day of H.S. some bigger got killed by some Nazi Goth in the school. The Nazi Goths were a pretty big gang-sold drugs&guns just like the spics&niggers.
Absolutely fucking based black kid.
i was offered a threesome by this older girls who obsseded over me and even made me a shirt. the other girl was way hotter. i turned it down. i even turned down sex apparently on prom weekend.... i even walked away from two girls at the same weekend.... jesus what the fuck
chad mode
original desunae
This could be adapted into a solid movie
based volcel waifufag
Recess in high school? What?
A homeschooled liar or an elementary schooler with a 9th grade reading level

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