As I have promised to several people, here is a list of my 10 favourite films. (subject to change)
Koyaanisqatsi  [9.9/10]
Date: 1982, Runtime: 1:57 hrs, Genre: Science Fiction

From a film analysis point-of-view, Koyaanisqatsi is a very difficult film to criticise because it has no plot, characters or setting. Instead, the film is composed of shots of the world pieced together in a surreal manner, which results in an engorging tale of apartheid and discord. In the film, it starts off very nicely with some high-altitude mountain shots but inevitably transitions to logging and excavation then finally city life and machinery. This is done purposefully to illustrate the title which means "Life out of balance" in native american. The music for the film, composed by Philip Glass; is by far on par with the cinematography in terms of quality and depth, complementing the film perfectly. I liked the music so much that I am in fact the proud owner of a 5.1, 24-bit lossless release of the original soundtrack! I have rated this film so highly because I think it goes far beyond what any other film has ever done.

Memories of Murder  [8.8/10]
Date: 2003, Runtime: 2:30 hrs, Genre: Crime/Drama

Ever since I was a child, I always preferred to watch foreign films instead of whatever happened to be showing at my local cinema, this was for two main reasons: one; I always felt that films in a different culture/language could provide an alternate viewpoint to an issue, which I think is quite important, and two; I believe that most new (English) films are quite bland and boring (with the exception of one or two films each year). In 2010 I found I prefer the Crime genre of film the most because they tend to have excellent acting, I also found the same held for Drama films, so when I found Memories of Murder on the internet, I immediately acquired it and viewed it as soon as possible. What I saw was an epic on a minor scale featuring two dumb detectives bumbling their way through a series of murders in a small korean town, with a mentally handicapped person as the only known lead. As the film progresses you see every attempt made by the detectives to solve the case ruined in some way or another until the second-to-last scene in which a showdown takes place [SPOILER ALERT]. I particularily enjoyed this film because of the pace and the ending, which I think has topped any film I have seen to date.

Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas  [8.6/10]
Date: 1998, Runtime: 1:58 hrs, Genre: Adventure/Monologue

I have heard that the book which this film was based on was just as good if not better than the film, so it seems the film has faithfully adapted the book to cinema. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas is a psychadelic romp through las vegas with a reporter writing about drug abuse and his dodgy attorney. The film features a continuous monologue from the writer (played by Johnny Depp [excellent choice of actor]) whom is constantly under the influence of at least one drug, and film has been set to accurately portray this. Something I noticed from the moment they get into Vegas is how detailed everything is, I have watched the film about 4 times and I keep seeing new things, which makes the movie very fun to watch. The acting by Depp is also perfect for the role and would keep me entertained if it was just him rambling (which it is for most of the film). I'm sure this film would be excellent to watch whilst under the influence of drugs as well, I'll note.

AKIRA  [8.9/10]
Date: 1988, Runtime: 2:04 hrs, Genre: Action/Science Fiction

Action, Science, Fantasy, Drama and a good plot; Cyberpunk anime film AKIRA has everything I've ever wanted to see in an animated film, however I should note that Ghost in The Shell 2: Innocence almost won this title too! Akira is a dystopian anime film about a young guy named Kaneda and his involvement with a scientific research group investigating a phenomena known as ``Akira''. It is my favourite animated film because of the attention to detail and the art style, but the voice acting is very quite impressive too, even in the English dub! It is also worth noting that this film was the first mainstream anime film that was popular in the western world. I recommend this to anyone who has not seen an anime film before and wishes to experience it.

Cicade De Deus  [9.0/10]
Date: 2003, Runtime: 1:30 hrs, Genre: Action/Adventure/Crime

City of God is a baseline film with excellent cinematography and an engaging setting. It is about two young men growing up in a slum city in Rio De Janeiro and their lives thereafter. I particularily like this film because it so engaging to watch, not to mention the visually perfect scenes which make you feel as if you are there. I noticed that this film was particularily popular with my friends, probably not because of the somewhat flat plot, but because it relies on un-guessable circumstance which keeps you entertained very easily. This does not detract the quality of the film however, which is unusual. Excellent replayability.